This is what we’ve waited for
This is it, boys, this is war.

After 22 years of writing for other people, the sickness to produce my own comics has once again surfaced.

I’ve got a few comic projects I want to kick off in 2020 and I’z don’t illustrate.

My only requirement is that your art must have WOW FACTOR.

If people look at a page of your work and have to sit down or their mouth falls open, let’s talk. <mac@nickmacari>

Bonus points if you’re a fan of my work.  =-)


The primary project I’m looking to launch this year is a kung-fu fantasy mini-series, inspired by the following;

I stumbled upon Kris Morron’s original version of this story and immediately fell in love with it. After a short discussion we decided to co-develop the IP, and it’s been nothing short of a blast so far. The story takes place in 1970’s NYC during the historic blackout, has a ton of unique, fun gangs, kung-fu fights that would make the Shaw Brothers proud, and the over the top attitude you’d find in movies like Coffy and Shaft.


Last year, I wrote an interactive Sherlock Holmes story for the google assistant mobile app., called “The Man Who Died Twice.” I’m interested in bringing this story to life as a comic. I’ve always loved period fiction and writing in the Sherlock Holmes universe was a real blast. The story revolves around the notorious Hellfire Club and as the name suggests, a man who turns up dead twice.

This IP needs a little kick in the arse to make an exciting engaging read as a comic, but the fundamentals are there… and there’s a little something very special for this project, which I won’t take the time to explain here, but you could figure it out if you play the game. 🙂


Lastly, I’ve also got an outline to a sci-fi game I wrote up a while back for a client. A hard-sci-fi adventure story taking place only in our solar system, where the sun has had a major problem and humanity is on the brink of extinction, dying from radiation sickness.

Did I mention there’s also a plague that turns people into monsters and an alien invasion that blurs the line between aliens/demons/monsters and angels? (I’m actually planning on posting the outline to this IP over at StorytoScript in the near future.

This story has stayed with me for a long time, constantly nagging at the corner of my mind. When a story refuses to disappear onto the back of the “shelf,” you start to take notice and wonder why? I think it’s time to get a little pitch package together for it and see what the world thinks.


This is what my 2020 line up is looking like.

Anyone feel like coming along?



If anyone is coming to this page for the first time and doesn’t know anything about me…


I’ve been around for a long time. I’ve lost a bunch of money making comics (lessons learned the hard way). And I’ve made a bunch of money writing comics and games for other folks. I’m an advocate of comic production people making a sustainable wage. I’ve also helped raise a couple dollars over on that there crowdfunding.

I know the deal and I’m not in it to lose.