COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus A Healthy Defense

This has nothing to do with writing. I’m posting here for people who follow the site as well as personal friends and family.

Here’s a list of stuff I try to keep around to keep my immune system strong.

I may add some personal comments for each item. I’ll keep the liability to a minimum by saying, I’ve got no clue if any of it works.

Do your own research, especially if you’ve got any kind of preexisting conditions. Also, keep in mind, some herbs are particularly strong and if you take too much at once, or take them for too long a term, they can create adverse reactions.

I try to eat plenty of prebiotic fermented foods like homemade or organic sauerkraut and probiotic foods like yogurt, as a deterrent to getting sick.

I always reduce refined sugar intake as low as possible when sick.

<Keep in mind eating food with preservatives and artificial stuff stresses the body’s system. Go organic. Go limited ingredient.>


I’ve got these first few in the house at all times;

Mullein tea (If I’ve got anything going on in my lungs, I go straight to Mullein, in fact I grow it in my garden.)

Oregeno Oil (Overall system boost and throat cleaner)

Turmeric (Swanson vitamins sells a Turmeric/Acai/Ginger blend which is awesome)

Garlic (By the clove or supplemented by pills)

Manuka Honey (Expect to pay a lot)

Coconut Oil

Trace Minerals Electrolyte Stamina Power Pak (Basically a multi-vitamin you mix in a drink)

Pau d’Arco

Elderberry Syrup (Often includes other good ingredients like ginger, lemon, etc.)



Grapeseed Extract

Activated Charcoal

Black Cohosh

Arctic Kelp (iodine)

GrapeFRUIT seed Extract

Black Walnut

Olive leaf


Milk Thistle





Vitamin C

Vitamin D (People think getting out in the sun for a bit will give you D. Do some research. You have to have quite a bit of skin exposed for a significant amount of time to soak in some Ds.



Nano-silver (liquid form)


Herbal teas that contain;

Holy Basil

Licorice Root Extract

Birch Bark Extract


Panax Ginseng




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