You’re about to purchase a hardback print copy of Incarnate Games’ Ascended Kings: The Fall of Empyrnea, graphic novel .  Price is $30 total (US shipping included—see bottom for international shipping).

  • The purchase is for delivery of a physical paperback  (books normally ship priority mail and arrive 2-3 working days after purchase).

IMPORTANT: I process print book sales the same way I process digital downloads here on this site.

This means, you go through the process of paying for, and downloading a file.

The file is NOT the book, it’s a pdf receipt saying your book is being shipped. You are not paying for this PDF (you’re paying for the actual book).

After payment you’ll be pushed to a confirmation page and/or receive an email receipt with the download link. Again, the PDF is irrelevant, once you pay, you’re in the system and your book is shipped.

When you place your order, BE SURE to double check that your complete mailing address is correct. If you have any special shipping considerations email after the order.

All purchases are made through paypal (via account or credit card):


Shipping outside the U.S. usually costs an extra $15. USD
Order the book as explained above then use this link to pay the additional shipping directly.
All international shipments go via USPS. They don’t offer tracking and they don’t guarantee a delivery date, but so far everyone who’s ordered has received their book without a hitch. Don’t forget you can purchase the digital version to avoid shipping fees.