The Cost of Making Comics

The following article discusses the costs associated with the creative end of comic production, budget brackets, and both successful and unsuccessful methods to reduce these costs.

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It’s kind of ironic that my first paid membership article is going to be a very rough, uncomfortable one for many of you. A lot of people in the public forums don’t like me for my bold opinions. As I’ve stated elsewhere, a lot of my own clients grit their teeth when they receive feedback from me. Though they appreciate it at the end, it’s never easy for anyone to get tough love and honest feedback.

I recently finished reading Band of Brothers, by Stephen E. Ambrose… You might have seen the World War 2, HBO mini-series of it. Good book, good series. So the guy who trained Easy Company (the main group of soldiers of the story) was a guy named Herbert Sobel. A real hard ass who everyone in the company hated. But after they went through World War 2, lots of guys had a different opinion on him. One said (off the top of my head) “Sobel made Easy Company. His hard-ass training saved many of our lives in combat.”

Business (and comics) is war.

You may not take a bullet or have to jump out of a plane, but when your hard earned finances are on the line, it might feel just the same.

I’m hard on you boys (and girls, of course) because I want you guys to make it through. I want you to be successful. And telling you everything is peachy, not letting you know what the real world is like out there, while that approach might get me more likes on social media, it won’t get you any closer to your dreams.

So, How much does it cost to make a comic?



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Worth the Subscription

Giving raw numbers and clarifying the financial hurdle has really improve my perspective when considering self publishing. Despite many other articles on the same topic has given a relatable explanation, your article is by far the most resourceful I've came across. I finish feeling like I know what a comic I'm working on will cost me to print. I can't wait for more articles such as this!
- Deuni

Time will tell

I like the no nonsense approach. Good read. I've cut a lot of corners working on my fantasy graphic novel. But I just want to complete the book and get it out there. I'm not expecting to sell 2,000 copies.
- Ben P.

Great As Always

In all the time I've been reading articles on the web about making comics, never once saw someone post actual budgets. Super insightful like all your articles. Keep up the great work Nick.
- Brian Miller


This article alone was worth the price of monthly membership. Can't wait to see the next one.
- Jared

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