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Samurai fiction is one of my secret, guilty passions. OK, maybe it’s not that secret. I started writing Samurai Onryo (under its then working title, the Swordless Samurai) in 2014. Three years later, I’m super excited to share it with the world.

Welcome to the Kamakuru period of feudal Japan, the days of the first Shogun… When his family is slaughtered and he’s left for dead at the hands of three ronin, Kazuo the farmer sets off for revenge.

But this farmer’s journey is no simple tale of retribution. It is a tale of a man coming to grips with who he truly is… and finding out that even the greatest samurai cannot change their past or escape their future.

Samurai Onryo mixes elements of high fantasy, demons, angels, monsters and hard-core kenjitsu action. While it appears to be a revenge story on the surface, it is a deep, complex story of a man re-discovering himself after losing everything.

Special thanks to the amazing cover artist David Benzal and Ann Bevans on edits.



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A Satisfying Read

5 5 1
I purchased this book on a whim. The whim that I would be entertained because I pretty much like all things Samurai and my gut instincts have yet to fail me. The story is a straight jab that pierces into the melancholy monotony set by today's standard of modern fiction. What Nick Macari does with his samurai tale is sheer literary genius. When I first read it I totally was absorbed into the setting. From the first battle between the Swan Clan and the Dragon Clan I envisioned everything as if I was actually breathing the same thick blood stained air that gave life to the samurai and their story. Ichiro the jade samuri leaped from the page and into action as he led his army against the mysterious three riders. I encountered suspense and anticipation as my eyes scanned each word. Then as I continued to read I met Kazuo the vengeful farmer. As he hobbled along the beaten path half dead it was as if I was following every one of his staggering steps. I cringed when he removed the arrow from his leg. The gory, visceral details are gritty and are exactly what you'd expect from a horror story. I'm a writer myself and I know good fiction when I see it and Nick Macari's Samurai Onryo is damned good fiction. Be sure to read this book to the end. I have yet to reach the end but from what I read I know I will be satisfied as if I had completed an arduous task and the reward I shall reap will be finishing a hard to put down, well paced, classic samurai book. Bravo Nick Macari. Bravo.

Samurai Novice Satisfied

4 5 1
Samurais are one of those things that I like in theory that I haven't exactly consumed too much content on. They're badass warriors with swords. What's not to like? But I can't recall how many actual stories about samurais I've read that didn't involve robots or mutants. I went into Samurai Onryo eager to indulge in an ancient culture that has always intrigued me but I wasn't familiar with. It did not disappoint. The world and time period were fleshed out from the beginning with a lot of subtle references and words that added a whole layer of authenticity. The plot itself isn't totally original. We've seen similar tales before. But the main character (and especially the companions he encounters along the way) are developed well enough that make us care about their journey. Also, there's just enough mythology embedded into the story to give an extra layer of fantasy, yet not too much that it becomes bogged down by it. There were some parts that did drag on at times and I wished the pace would pick up a bit, but those slow moving moments were balanced out well by the quick action and detailed fight scenes. I can't speak for long time lovers of the genre but definitely recommend this for those unfamiliar with samurai stories and looking to get their feet wet.

Samurai Onryo

5 5 1
Really great engaging read.
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Thought I’d share some main character concept art. These pieces were created when I first started developing the story. Illustrated by D Forrest.





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