Samurai Onryo



299 page Novel.
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Samurai fiction is one of my secret, guilty passions. OK, maybe it’s not that secret. I started writing Samurai Onryo (under its then working title, the Swordless Samurai) in 2014. Three years later, I’m super excited to share it with the world.

Welcome to the Kamakuru period of feudal Japan, the days of the first Shogun… When his family is slaughtered and he’s left for dead at the hands of three ronin, Kazuo the farmer sets off for revenge.

But this farmer’s journey is no simple tale of retribution. It is a tale of a man coming to grips with who he truly is… and finding out that even the greatest samurai cannot change their past or escape their future.

Samurai Onryo mixes elements of high fantasy, demons, angels, monsters and hard-core kenjitsu action. While it appears to be a revenge story on the surface, it is a deep, complex story of a man re-discovering himself after losing everything.

Special thanks to the amazing cover artist David Benzal and Ann Bevans on edits.



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Thought I’d share some main character concept art. These pieces were created when I first started developing the story. Illustrated by D Forrest.





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