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Welcome to my personal writing desk.
I write in the entertainment industry. You’ll find excerpts and links to my work here.
Aspiring writers and comic creators, check out the writing craft page for a ton of free, real-world, practical help.

If you need help with a project, send up a flare. Rates below.


Story Outlining

Whether you’ve got a great idea and a solid foundation, or a rough idea with no clear direction. If you want a professional take, focused on the commercial market to get all your ducks in a row, Nick’s got your back.


Script Writing

Hire Nick to write your story. Nick generally only writes for projects with higher commercial viability/indie projects with bigger budgets. If you’re smaller indie and absolutely want Nick on board, contact him to discuss further.


Fundamentals Consulting or Coverage

A story can only be as successful as the foundation it sits on. Fundamental consulting is a common entry point for beginning a new relationship with a client. Nick will help you understand the story you’re writing, identify fundamental weaknesses, and suggest paths to improvement. Go beyond industry standard coverage, with Nick’s STORY POTENTIAL ASSESSMENT. Something you can’t get anywhere else.


Story Consulting

Continuing off fundamentals, or brought on to help with any specific area or problem.

Help your story reach its full potential.


Crowdfund Consulting

Specific to the comic and game industry; if you’re thinking of launching a crowdfund Nick will leverage years of experience to help you exceed your funding goal.

Pricing here

Comicbook Editing

Always bring your editor in before you go to art!

Maximize the potential of your comic by having an experienced set of eyes review the expression of the story at every stage.



:: NEW :: Seeing a lack of real professional design services, specifically for the comic and game markets, Nick is now leveraging his industry contacts and personal experience to provide design solutions.

contact for quote

Indie Business Consulting

The creative process is only part of the process in successfully bringing a comic to market. If your business strategy is weak, even a great project can fail. Nick is available to walk you through a winning strategy for your individual goals.


Nick’s Upcoming Personal Projects

How to Write Manga!

The third in my books on writing comics, this entry will focus on how to write Japanese comics, commonly known as manga.

Expected Fall 2024

’40s NYC Hardboiled Detective Novel

The idea to this hardboiled detective novel came to me years ago under the title, “The Creature that Bled Luminous Toxin.” It follows a tough, burnt-out detective in 1940’s NYC struggling to cope with the rapidly changing times… and cultists trying to summon a demon to take over the city.

Expected – who knows, I never have time to work on it. But I really want to get back to it.




Nearly thirty years of experience identifying story problems, helping writers find the right solutions, and pushing stories toward their full potential.
When it has to succeed, drop me a line.
Hiring a consultant, editor, heck even a writer for the most part, is an intimate undertaking. Who the person is, as a human, factors in as much as their pedigree and portfolio, if not more.
That said, let me share some personal info of who I am.