Ned Kelly

Maybe you’ve heard of the “Robin Hood” of the outback–the outlaw Ned Kelly?

The infamous bush ranger that forged his own plate metal armor and shot it out with the bullymen…

There’s been a few movies, tv shows and books of the ole’bloke. But I guarantee you none of them anything like the story I put together with Martin Chuzz of Convict Comics.

The first two issues of the 134 page graphic novel are now available for free. If a fast paced, steampunk, alien infused, high adventure is your thing, I highly recommend you grab them while you can.

Ned Kelly: Ironclad Alien Killer



Publish Date: Parts 1&2  2015
Full Graphic Novel 2017

Story: Martin Chuzz & Nick Macari
Edits: Martin Chuzz
Script: Nick Macari
Art: Chris Batista, Drew Moss, David Meikis
Colors: John Rauch
Letters: Rachel Deering