Nick Macari is a freelance story consultant, developmental editor, narrative designer and writer–working primarily in comic books and games. An overall story mechanic and word smith, specializing in the Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror and Superhero genres.

In 1998 he entered the comic book industry, self-publishing (way before self-publishing was open to the masses via the internet) Varick: Chronicles of the Dark Prince, through Diamond Distributors, while simultaneously working on 4 other comic titles.

Since then, he’s been writing and editing in virtually every area of the entertainment industry, from comic books and graphic novels, to video games, CCGs, RPGs, board games, novels and screenplays.

Combining inspired passion, a love of writing, an analytical business sense and extensive experience, Nick provides top tier expertise and a bold, intelligent creative edge to every project he’s a part of.


So what exactly does Nick do and who does he do it for?

Nick works with indie publishers, one-on-one with individual authors, and in general, anyone looking to maximize the effectiveness of their story for the commercial market.

Story Consulting: Looking at the bigger picture and asking the broader questions guiding you to unlock the fullest potential of your story, whether it’s a novel, screenplay, short or comic.

Developmental Editing: Looking at the smaller picture and asking more precise questions. The goal is to address specific weaknesses and areas that need further improvement, unifying your vision and making sure it’s articulated in the best way possible for your target audience in today’s market.

Comic Editing: Primarily looking for mistakes: grammar, format, continuity, etc. Includes review of art, supporting effective communication between writer and artist.

Prose Line Editing: The extremely time-intensive process of editing long fiction line-by-line requires a significant commitment and long-term relationship with the client.

Writing: Either working from existing material or creating a completely new intellectual property. Nick delivers everything from comprehensive outlines, to narrative dialogue, to fully realized story bibles or complete manuscripts.

Crowdfund Consulting: If you’ve got a game or comic crowdfund and really need to maximize the experience, Nick’s got you covered.

The world through Nick’s influences

I’m often asked who my influences were/are. The true scope of this list is far too large to absorb–it’s over thirty years in the making. Here are some highlights.

Portrait of Jennie
The Blood Of Heroes
For a Few Dollars More
Brewster’s Millions
Time Bandits
Seven Samurai
The Thing
Captain Blood
Thomas Crown Affair
Big Trouble in Little China

Steven Spielberg
John Carpenter
Hayao Miyazaki
Alfred Hitchcock
Akira Kurosawa
Ridley Scott
Robert Zemeckis
Sergio Leone
John Ford
Luc Besson

Robert E. Howard
Bernard Cornwell
Marion Zimmer Bradley
Glen Albert Larson
Michael Crichton
Frank Miller
Chris Claremont
Marv Wolfman
Roy Thomas
Philip K Dick
William Gibson

Star Trek