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Ascended Kings:

The Fall of Empyrnea

is a 60 page hard cover graphic novel gorgeously illustrated and colored by Renae De Liz and Ray Dillon (The Last Unicorn and Peter Pan among others).

Printed in Canada.


$30 includes shipping to any normal location in the U.S. Email me direct if you’re out of country.

I’ve only got a handful of personal writer copies for sale. This is the actual book, but as far as I know, Incarnate Games is not selling them direct (I think they’re packaging them with the game before opening their stock up to direct sales).

The story gives life to the rich, vivid world of Ascended Kings. A high fantasy setting inspired by Babylonian era culture and real world alchemy. The backdrop to Incarnate Games’ battle board game Ascended Kings.


Not sure you want it? Check out the

The 10 page flip book preview here.


Publish Date: 2019
Story: Nick Macari & Jason Allen
Script: Nick Macari
Art: Renae De Liz
Colors: Ray Dillon


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