Comic Artists wanted.     

If any of these projects resonate with you, drop me a line;

UPDATE: A contract has been accepted for one project. Ironically, it’s for a project not listed here. lol I got to talking to the artist and mentioned another IP in passing and the rest is history. Thanks for everyone who’s viewed this page, but there is still budget and time for more.

If you are;

  • a good communicator.
  • Enthusiastic.
  • Meet deadlines.
  • Solve problems.
  • Passionate about making great comics.
  • Eager to be part of an ace team.
  • And of course, talented enough to sell books, let’s talk.

Please keep in mind, none of these projects are geared toward a novice comic artist.


Let’s get to work.


I’ve been wanting to do a fan-fiction reboot of this series for the longest time. I finally got around to writing the script for the first issue. My vision of the reboot follows the kids all grown up back in the real world, where their kids disappear, forcing them to reunite and go back to D&D land to rescue their children.

While this is an unauthorized fan-fiction project, I’m really serious about doing it… and doing it right.


The story itself is broken into three distinct pieces which lends itself to a 3 volume graphic novel set, but once the adults are back in D&D land, it could run similar to the cartoon, focusing on either the adult or kid group. So basically, it could also run as an ongoing series, especially since it’s a non-commerical fan-fiction piece.

Anyway, I’m open to a smaller commitment here to gauge interest, even if it’s just a 10 page pitch.


The story targets folks who grew up with the cartoon who are now older like me, so a more mature audience. No cartoony style here, but likely a more simplistic line art, standard commercialized art approach.
(I could also see this as a crazy Manga, even though that wasn’t my original vision.)


No, not the movie dummy.

A while back I wrote a Holmes story for a mobile gaming app. It’s cool and people really liked it.

It’s a solvable murder mystery story, less of a traditional story narrative and more of a “here’s what happened, now solve the crime and tells us what actually took place.”

The cool thing about this story, is that I plan to make it an interactive comic. Like a choose your own adventure story, but NOT choose your own adventure. I’m pretty sure it would be the first of its kind in comics.


100+ page graphic novel.


The story requires an artist who excels at character work and detail. This is essential, because as a murder mystery, the story is driven by everyday characters and real-world locations. If you can’t make those look fantastic, the story won’t engage the readers.

I originally planned to work with Vivi Ekhart, but her personal life recently threw her a curve ball and she had to back out.

Beyond the Isle of Avalon:

If you click on over to the Fiction tab, you can read a chapter of this King Arthur prequel story I wrote a while back (“Excalibur”). This is a classic Game of Thrones/LOR style fantasy adventure.


Mini-series or graphic novel.


About a year ago I came across Phillip Buckenham’s work in Valhalla Awaits (below). This style fits the Beyond Avalon perfectly and is exactly what I envisioned for this story.

I was super stoked to work with Phil, because he was into the story, but timing didn’t work out as he’s too focused on his own projects/previous commitments to pick up a new series. I was pretty devastated by the news 🙁

Beyond Avalon has a starting cast of, I think 69 dudes. That is, a bunch of British soldiers, a bunch of Roman soldiers, and a bunch of Burgundian barbarians all get shipwrecked together on the Isle. It’s got amazons, werewolves, a hydra and a few other fantasy things thrown in, but definitely, illustrating a lot of warriors and fighting is required. Oh yeah, and Longboats!

Robot Kids:

Robot kids was the sample manga story I came up with to illustrate the writing points in my book; “Storycraft for Comics.”

A soldier ordered to put down an insurgent force winds up leading the very rebels he is sent to destroy against his own military, which secretly intends to convert the entire planet into mindless automatons.


Mini-series or graphic novel.


Manga. A studio Ghibli style would be great for this story as it takes place on a world with a lot of fantastical environments. However, it does also have a lot of mech/robot characters and action.


Violet Sun:

I do a lot of work in the indie gaming space. Violet Sun is another story I wrote for a game that was never published.

It’s a hardcore survival horror sci-fi jaunt.

A young, privileged, deep space explorer returns to the Earth’s solar system to find he holds the key to keeping humanity from extinction–a key that the last religious madmen of humanity and a dark, unknown alien force will stop at nothing to possess.


Mini-series or graphic novel.


Open. Since it’s a dark sci-fi horror story, there’s a bit more room for a more artistic and less commercial… or as I like to label it, “sloppy.”


Super Sexy Combat Nuns:

A few weeks ago I was listening to this music track on Youtube, while I was listening and working on something else, I kept seeing these images of a militant group of nuns fighting supernatural evil.

This concept would almost certainly have to be a manga; and would be a gratuitously sexy waifu series. I’ve actually been wanting to do something in this genre for a while, mainly because my everyday writing work for other folks never allows me to play in this sandbox.

Yeah, lots of militant nun stuff has already been done, but I’ve got my own take on it. And while you might think it’s goofy to try and create a series from a youtube mix, my first comic in the 90’s came from a Street Sign on the lower west-side of Manhattan.

Sci-Fi Space Prison Crashing Into Earth:

I gotta find this one. I actually had forgotten about it until I made this page. Basically a space station hurdles into our solar system on a collision course with Earth.

When Earth folks fly out to see what’s up, they find a Prison, where the prisoners killed the guards, but couldn’t take control of the station. Clocks on. Defeat the inmates and stop the prison from crashing.

I never really planned on doing anything with it, but now that I’m remembering it, it’s pretty cool. Like a GOOD VERSION of the Guy Pierce Escape from NY rip off, but with aliens.


Why this page?

It’s simple, as you’ve just read, the last 2 projects I specifically made plans to produce, things just fell apart before we even got started. Granted this was my fault, because I wasn’t ready to pull the trigger when I first found the artists and simply too much time passed from then til now.

I’m ready to pull the trigger NOW. Pew. Pew. Pew.

It’ll take me too long to finish and polish all of these.  I’m really focusing on the D&D one right now…

But my approach is trying to find someone who’s interested in something here. If someone wants to throw down on one of these projects, and is ready to throw down, then I’ll shift my focus to that project and make it happen.

The order of importance to me personally, is basically how I’ve presented them on this page. But really, my passion for them is kind of irrelevant if no one wants to illustrate them. And I’m ready to commit writing time to any of these projects, whether it’s the first or last one here.

Of course, I’m going to continue my own artist search and will likely update this page with actual script portions as I get further along on each project, but I also have a TON of work on my desk and there are 7 projects here, so I’m gonna seem totally scattered until I find a reason to focus my energy in one spot.

Ugh, don’t even mention my Hard Boiled Horror novel.