Size Matters. Stay Small. – TIP

Bigger is NOT better.

The bigger it is, the longer it takes, the more money it costs to produce!

When working on an IP that isn’t proven in the market, always start small.


I’ve seen a hundred comic startups with VAST VISIONS crash and burn. I’ve never once seen a startup start small, find initial success, then crash and burn because they couldn’t expand their vision and opportunity disappeared.


If you’re planning on creating comics, don’t mimic Marvel & DC. Don’t focus on your publishing presence. Take a nod from novel authors; You don’t see them releasing their first book saying “Hey check me out, I’m the next Penguin books.” They focus only on the book in front of them.

About the Author —
Nick Macari is a full-time freelance story consultant, developmental editor and writer, working primarily in the independent gaming and comic markets. His first published comic appeared on shelves via Diamond in the late 90’s. Today you can find his comic work on comixology, amazon and in select stores around the U.S.  Visit for social media contacts and news on his latest releases.