Talking Head Dopplegangers – TIP

Spectacular Spiderman #182 p.14

Sometimes Talking Heads don’t appear as just closeup head shots. Even full-body panels can be talking heads.

Remember, the medium of story is CHANGE. Looks at all these panels of wasted opportunity… chances, to carry and support the narrative visually.

What a shame.

Technically, in the last panel, Vermin’s right foot has crossed over his left (no idea the significance of this) and his teeth are showing… but if you didn’t look with a microscope, you likely missed the change.

Also, notice this talking head page is overwritten at 247 words on the page. (Working Writer’s Guide to comics teaches 150-180/page.) That faux pas tends to go hand-in-hand.


Destiny video game comic:

Then again, sometimes talking heads come at you head on.

Good grief, a full-page talking head behind a mask.


I don’t know who wrote this comic for Bungie, but I’m guessing it wasn’t an experienced comic writer. ▪

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