The Maxiseries Trap – TIP

I was providing coverage on a writer’s new comic series last week. She had fallen into the maxi-series trap so many newer writers fall into

You hear me constantly giving the advice to go small.

Well, in reiterating that advice to her, I captured it in a succinct metaphor I wanted to share with you today:

I’m gonna assume you are NOT a runner… you know, like a jogger. If you are a runner, read this from the mindset before you ever started running.

Making comics is like waking up one day and deciding you want to take up running (jogging)… So, you wake up tomorrow and say, “Yeah I’m gonna start jogging next week.” And instead of walking outside your house and running down to the park, you enter the Dragon’s Back (Real race), a 5-day mountain run through the “Mountainous Spine” from north to south Wales. It’s 186 miles long, and requires a 51,000 foot climb, on a course, often with no trails.

REALLY take a moment to imagine yourself, never running more that a hundred yards to catch a bus, now, heading off to run the Dragon’s Back.

How far along the 5 day, 186 mile route do you think you’d get before being airlifted out?

Seriously, think about it and answer it.

Because this is literally, exactly what you’re doing when you GO BIG in comics.

Look, anything is possible. Especially in the creative arts.

You “could” produce your maxi-series as you see it, but no matter what happens, I guarantee you, it’s going to be an INCREDIBLY difficult journey for you.

Just like deciding to take up running in real life.

You always start small. And build your endurance over time, setting milestones and not progressing past them until you consistently crush  them.

Take it from me. I know.

Peerless was an 8 issue seriesan absolutely beautiful story with a ton of talent leveraged behind it.

And that series didn’t get past issue 1.

In comics, as so with life itself, you can set yourself up for success… or failure… the choice is yours.

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