The Strength of Weak Points – TIP

A weak point in a story isn’t necessarily a weak point, as long as you know it’s there and make an effort to deal with it. In fact, properly exploited, a weak point can even be used as a strength.

For example, if your MAF isn’t very active during most of the story, turn its absence into tension–play it up–have the main characters constantly worrying about the MAF.

Create expectations and foreshadow the MAF’s inevitable arrival… then when the MAF reveals itself, do it unexpectedly at 100MPH. ▪

About the Author —
Nick Macari is a full-time freelance story consultant, developmental editor and writer, working primarily in the independent gaming and comic markets. His first published comic appeared on shelves via Diamond in the late 90’s. Today you can find his comic work on comixology, amazon and in select stores around the U.S.  Visit for social media contacts and news on his latest releases.