Anchoring Sound Effects

When scripting sound effects I always specify the source of the sound, like this;

9 times out of 10, your panel description is going to do its job proper and it will be clear to the artist what part of the panel the sound effect is attached to… 
BUT there will be an occasional time where you might have so much going on, or the situation is just a little confusing, that at the very least, the origin of the SFX is open to some interpretation.
If you spend the extra second to label all your SFXs your artist will never be in doubt.
For example:
Off the top of my head, let’s say you have two lumberjacks fighting in a log cabin. One guy is punching the other guy, and the two are both falling against a wooden beam which is splintering from the impact.
Your SFX for the panel is CRAKKKKK or;

But is that the crack of the one guy’s jaw, or the crack of the wooden beam?

Throw in the source of the sound and there’s no longer any question.

1 SFX (Plaid shirt’s face) CRAKKKKKK ▪

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