Other Books on Writing

I’m told my books on writing comics are purty good… but if you’re looking to fill your brain with some more knowledge, try these:

Not Comic Related

The Elements of Style Strunk and White (definitive guide for writing proper)

Poetics Aristotle (pretty much everything comes from here)

Story by Robert McKee

Hero with a Thousand Faces Joseph Campbell’s

Fenimore Cooper’s Literary Offences by Mark Twain (thanks Jim Shooter)

On Writing Well William Zinsser

Fiction Writer’s Handbook Hallie and Whit Burnett

Revealing another more personal side of writing:

On Writing Stephen King

Zen and the Art of Writing Ray Bradbury

There are a million books on writing, I’ve got boxes and shelves full of them. In an effort to save you some time, I’m trying to remember the stronger ones. If I think of more, I’ll come back and update.


Comic Specific

The DC Guide to Comic Writing by Dennis O’Neil.

Writing for Comics and Graphic Novels by Peter David

Scott McCloud’s books gives great insight into comics from the artist’s perspective. They’re visual books not straight prose, so if you’re not a visual learner you may not like them.

Panel One: Comic Book Scripts by Top Writers & Panel Two: More Comic Scripts by top writers. <These don’t teach writing but showcase various real-world scripts. It’s a little bit of a double edged sword, because comic writer—especially established ones—tend to write however the hell they want, so not sooooo useful for someone trying to get their legs under them… but there’s a lot usefulness in seeing these scripts.>

Words for Pictures is beautiful, but I don’t feel that it gives much help to the writer at all. I point it out because so many people recommend it.

Sadly, there are not many solid books on writing comics.

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