UPDATE – October 1

Genre Guide Available to Purchase Shortly!

So, I threw together all the genre articles over at story to script and made them into a single file-a one-time pdf download.

I’m fixing up the styles, which is taking for ever on the 116 page book. But as soon as I’m done, I’ll post it in the StoryToScript.com store… maybe today, tomorrow, as soon as I can get it finished.

If you’re writing ACTION, THRILLER, or HORROR, and you’re not already a member of StoryToScript, you don’t want to miss this guide.



Virtual Table Top RPG Gaming.

While I haven’t TTRPG’ed in quite some time, I’ve spent most of my life doing it.

Looking for an excuse to buy some new books and crack open the old RPG system I developed a million years ago, <— Subtext alert. Subtext alert, I’ve been messing with some new campaign material and checking out how far technology has come with video conferencing and virtual table tops.

For any fantasy RPG buffs, I’ve got a new link in the main navigation on the site here.

If you’ve got any friends looking to get in on a pay-to-play game, send em my way.