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On the nose dialogue; “Fugetaboutit”

In the Writer’s Guide to Comic and Graphic Novels, I talk a bit about good vs. bad dialogue and discuss the writer’s most blaspehmous mistake–on the nose dialogue.

“On the nose dialogue” is dialogue without subtext.

I give a couple of different examples in the book, using my own work as a guide. But if you want to completely banish on the nose dialogue from the recesses of your mind there is one simple trick…

Read a lot of mafia fiction.

Cosa Nostra members avoid “on the nose” dialogue like the black plague, because it’s almost certain to get them arrested.

“I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.”
in other words,
“He’s gonna do what I tell him, or I’m gonna kill him.”

Read a few good Mafia books and pay attention to the dialogue. Before you know it, your characters will be oozing subtext. Just don’t forget to get rid of the Chicago and NY accents.

I didn’t write the Working Writer’s Guide to Comics and Graphic Novels to get rich and retire… I wrote it to help people get their comic scripting “A” game on.
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