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The articles below all talk comic shop. But when you understand the concepts discussed, you can apply them to any medium.

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Writing Craft Tips, Techniques and Discussion

Discovery and Structure

Advice on beginning your journey.

Advanced Class.

  • Pitch Your Climax
  • Goals Not Problems
  • Gravity of the Story
  • More on Master Theme
  • Streamline your Outline
  • Character Profiles
  • Stories That Matter
  • The Best Way to Name


Story Fundamentals

The cornerstones of story.

Advanced Class.

  • Surprise and Foreshadowing
  • Fix your Flashbacks
  • Point of View and Captions
  • The Super Trifecta
  • Effective Subplots
  • Hooks and Cliffhangers
  • Scene Sizes


Story Mechanics

Building off story fundamentals.

Advanced Class.

  • Dramatic Narrative Emphasis
  • Delayed Inciting Incident
  • Pacing Primary Escalation of Violence and Action


Script Execution Technique

Specific methods on building out scripts.

Advanced Class.

  • 10 Core Rules to Writing Comics - [Download]
  • Dual Name Characters
  • Sample Scene Breakdown
  • Visualizing Panels
  • Talking Slick, Hip and Breaking the 4th Wall
  • Double Page Spreads
  • A Lesson in Visual Writing
  • Comic Book Script Download - [Download]
  • Writing Natural dialogue
  • Engaging the Reader in 22 Pages



Broader discussion of technique.

Advanced Class.

  • 5 Tips for Writing Female Protagonists
  • Works in the Movies, not in Comics Part 2
  • Writing to Strengths and Weaknesses
  • First and Last
  • Don't Kill Your Darlings
  • Fictitious Terms and Exotic Proper Names



Shorter but no less important bits of "across the board" advice.

Economics of Comics

The business and financial side of comics (and writing).

Advanced Class.

  • How to Find Comic Writing Work
  • How to Find an Artist for your Comic Script
  • The Thousand Dollar Page Rate
  • Kickstarter for Comics



Everything else.


All the Professional Level articles can be accessed in their appropriate categories above. The entire course is listed directly below for quick reference.

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